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Complete Set by APC

The different types of battery used with APC Home UPS or Inverter

APC Complete set is one of the best solutions for Home UPS or Inverter. If you are planning to buy complete set by APC.

That is
120AH Flat Plate APC Branded Battery with 18 months Warranty by APC.

This means APC directly supports warranty for both Inverter and Battery. In this case, any failure in the Inverter or the battery, then APC is responsible to get it repaired or replaced on time.

APC Battery
APC Battery Flat Plate 120AH
BI850SINE Home UPS and Battery Cabinet

APC Home UPS BI850SINE 850VA + APC 120AH Flat Plate Battery + Battery Cabinet

(Complete Set)

BI1000I Home UPS
APC Battery APC Battery
APC Flat Plate Battery 120AH
APC Flat Plate 120AH x 2 Battery
Battery trolley
BI1000I Home UPS and Battery Cabinet

APC Home UPS BI1000I 1000VA + APC Flat Plate 120AH Battery x 2 Battery + Battery Cabinet

(Complete Set)

APC Supplies 120AH battery for its Home UPS/ Inverter. The warranty for the battery is given by APC. These batteries are especially designed for APC Inverter. Warranty for APC flat plate battery 120AH is 18 months and 4 Free Preventive Maintenance visit by APC.

Flat or Tubular

Branded tubular battery is typically 25% - 50% costlier than flat plate battery.
The average rated life of a Branded Tubular Battery is more that flat battery.

Note: Some dealers are offering their own made(local made) Battery as Tubular Battery with more warranty. Please ensure the tubular battery that you are going to buy is branded and check that it meets the recommended safety standards.

Exide Battery

If the customer does not require APC battery for the inverter, they have an option of Exide Inverter Battery or Exide Tubular Battery. In this situation warranty on the inverter is supported by APC and warranty on Battery is supported by Exide through A&G.

Mera Inverter Maange Only INVA

Inva Queen
Exide Inva Queen
The Queen of Inverter Battery
Inva Safe
Exide Inva Safe
Sealed Maintenance Free VRLA Battery for Inverter
Inva Red
Exide Inva Red
The Red Tubular Powerful Inverter Battery
Inva Tubular
Exide Inva Tubular
The Ultimate Tubular Powerful Inverter Battery

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